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Targa atelier was raised by a team of architects committed to create an integrated practice between design, image and architecture in order to provide a custom service and more accurate projects due to the interaction within complementary subjects. Therefore we rely on realistic simulations through the process, in a strait dialog with the client in order to capture the right feeling for each space and always being sensitive to the small details so important for a skilled final result.


On the other hand the respect and interest for the architectural heritage provided the importance of having an expert team in refurbishment, with specific post-graduated studies which allow to face the demanding challenge of adapting old buildings to the high standards of quality and comfort of nowadays.The uniqueness of each building and its memories need to be updated into the present and that process aims for a tight bond between old and new.


Now even more then ever the complementary working subjects should coexist and serve themselves, never forgetting that in this process none of them could exist without the others. The relation established it's a balanced symbiosis with a beginning, a middle part and an end.

To Imagine, To Design, To Build


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